Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Limavady jazz and blues what can I say Northern Ireland is beautiful in the sunshine,
we were told that we had to get all our stuff in before eight as the streets were going to be
closed off for the “parade”.  So we dropped off the gear and checked into our hotel and
asked the lady at the desk about the parade “was it for the festival,?”we asked” would there
be like, majorettes and floats and so forth?” The poor woman didn't know what to say she
just looked at us as if we were dumber than a bag of hammers, and then the penny dropped.
It wasn't that sort of parade. We headed in and parked up, and watched as band after
marching band went down the street, there wasn't a sinner to be seen apart from us and the
police making sure everything was ok. No one cared as fifty bands  went round the roads for
hours and hours banging there drums, no one watched, no one gave a shit!
And we went to the giants causeway, because it was so near us and looking now at the photos we all
know where the pies went ,  we met Cara Rose and Cormac, and ate loads of ice cream.  I got up today and went outside, what is this stuff falling on me from the sky, Oh yes I remember now, rain.

Monday, 3 June 2013


My son and I were driving home the other day and saw a mink run across the road, I think
they were brought in to the country so people could make fur coats out of them.but they
somehow got loose and bred in the wild. Very nice looking but you wouldn't fancy one
shooting up the leg of your pants.

 Gev and Stephen got up to Ballyshannon of the Friday
and had a great time in the marquee with Johnny Gallagher Bundoran’s most famous son
and Christian Volksmann who often sits in with us and is a black belt on the harmonica and
a damn nice fella At the gables.The Mark Black band was first up,It was great to be able to
sit in the street and have the craic, Oh and it wasn’t pissing rain like it usually is in an Irish
outdoor event, Then we did our turn, the audience was great and a big thanks to Mark and
co for letting us use their stuff.
The next day I parked the van in a lane near the owen roe, I thought this was fierce handy for loading in later, after a few hours I came back to find it sitting in a lake of piss, I’d left it just far enough away from the wall for folks to be able to go to the loo and preserve their modesty, I even pass it at one stage and there was a handbag up on the windscreen with a hand still attached belonging to someone stooping down behind
our van, It would have been a good idea to have had  armitage shanks printed on the side.
We met Rob and Dan, they liked our band so much they were plotting to take me and
Stephen out, Rob had already learned two of our songs and Dan who just started learning
the bass badly wanted Stephen Aerodine, Gev was safe as they needed a drummer and
they knew not to mess with the Barretts.  We met a big crew from Kilcullen and had laugh
and met up with our pals jimmy and pat from Cavan who know where the best Italian cuisine
was to be had in ballyshannon, which we had alfresco, which means we had fish and chips
sitting on some steps in the street, The Rory fest was insane, and everyone thought they
needed a liver transplant after it.